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Pages: 144
Isbn: 9780826
Year: 2017

Social Work ASWB Advanced Generalist Practice Test

This full-length practice test with answers and rationales created by a prominent educator of social work licensure candidates is a key resource for social workers preparing for the ASWB Advanced Generalist exam It can be used either on its own ..
Pages: 478
Isbn: 0875814
Year: 2000

Collaborative Social Work

This introductory text presents a model of generalist practice that emphasizes the helping relationship The book integrates empirical practice methods with a strengths-based empowerment approach to social work practice with individual family group..
Pages: 432
Isbn: 9781118
Year: 2014

Case Studies in Social Work Practice

A practical approach to understanding social work concepts in action that integrates theory and practice In this updated edition of the classic social work text students and instructors have access to real-world demonstrations of how social work the..
Pages: 371
Isbn: 0739101
Year: 1985

Doing Research that is Useful for Theory and Practice

In this volume the contributors describe how they try to make their research approaches useful for theory and practice The participants provide insights into how researchers think about their work how they formulate problems and research strategie..
Pages: 130
Isbn: 9781608
Year: 2011

Cultural Competence in Assessment and Intervention with Ethnic Minorit

Without a thorough understanding of culture and its nuances on part of the mental health service providers alienation stigma and culturally based impediments rule While concerns for diversity have been raised on numerous occasions with increasin..
Pages: 284
Isbn: UOM:390
Year: 1994

Advanced Generalist Practice

no description..
Pages: 218
Isbn: 9780739
Year: 2012

The Generalist Approach to Conflict Resolution

This book outlines the generalist approach to conflict resolution The approach was inspired by the generalist approach to social work but has now emerged in the fields of conflict resolution and peace studies Essentially the approach considers con..
Pages: 330
Isbn: 9781317
Year: 2014

Chapters 1-5 The Practice of Generalist Social Work Third Edition

This text for generalist practice courses is also available with a treasure trove of related materials for use in a two or three-course practice sequence The text helps translate the guiding theoretical perspectives of social justice human rights ..
Pages: 664
Isbn: 9781135
Year: 2014

The Practice of Generalist Social Work

The new edition of The Practice of Generalist Social Work teaches and helps students apply the skills for micro macro and mezzo practice The third edition contains over 80 pages of new content including many skill-based guides to subjects such as..
Pages: 324
Isbn: 0205298
Year: 2001

Building Effective Helping Skills

This book provides readers with critical skills for effective social work practice utilizing frameworks for organizing and understanding the skills The book focuses on skill clusters and uses a response systems framework for developing specific hel..
Pages: 62
Isbn: 9780984
Year: 2012
Pages: 656
Isbn: 9781285
Year: 2013

Brooks Cole Empowerment Series Human Behavior in the Macro Social Env

Best-selling author Karen Kirst-Ashman introduces you to the ins and outs of human behavior in macro settings in HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN THE MACRO SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT AN EMPOWERMENT APPROACH TO UNDERSTANDING COMMUNITIES ORGANIZATIONS AND GROUPS Fourth E..
Pages: 200
Isbn: IND:300
Year: 2004

Case Studies in Generalist Practice

This book is a compilation of real cases submitted by social workers and faculty teaching social work courses The cases help students understand how clients issues and agencies interact as well as see how that understanding connects with the actu..
Pages: 365
Isbn: 0534579
Year: 2006

Understanding Generalist Practice with Families

Hull and Mather s book introduces students to the professional abilities needed when working with families Using a generalist perspective the book builds on the knowledge and skills students have acquired in other courses and provides keen insight..
Pages: 696
Isbn: 9781305
Year: 2014

Brooks Cole Empowerment Series Understanding Generalist Practice

Organized around the authors coherent and cohesive Generalist Intervention Model this introductory guide to generalist social work practice gives students the knowledge and skills they need to work with individuals and families as well as the foun..
Pages: 155
Isbn: 1571133
Year: 2004

Freud s Theory and Its Use in Literary and Cultural Studies

Rarely has a single figure had as much influence on Western thought as Sigmund Freud His ideas permeate our culture to such a degree that an understanding of them is indispensable Yet many otherwise well-informed students in the humanities labor un..
Pages: 221
Isbn: 9780765
Year: 2013

Freud s Other Theory of Psychoanalysis

Despite the persistence of the theoretical model of the cathartic theory in psychoanalysis it is not what we practice clinically Freud s Other Theory of Psychoanalysis deals with eliciting that other unarticulated theory from the Freudian text to r..
Pages: 313
Isbn: 9782021
Year: 2016

Totem et tabou

Au terme de cette enqu te je souhaiterais formuler le r sultat suivant dans le complexe d dipe se rejoignent les d buts de la religion de la morale de la soci t et de l art en totale concordance avec ce constat de la psycha..
Pages: 872
Isbn: 9781135
Year: 2008

American Philosophy An Encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia of American Philosophy provides coverage of the major figures concepts historical periods and traditions in American philosophical thought Containing over 600 entries written by scholars who are experts in the field this Encyclop..
Pages: 261
Isbn: 9780199
Year: 2012

On Loving Our Enemies

This book explores moral questions that go beyond the issues commonly considered in the ethics of action Can there be an ethics of emotion or an ethics of fantasy If what we feel and what we think are beyond the direct control of our will does it ..